Chapter 1: The One Way Ticket


Perhaps it’s the most exciting part, the one that makes you tremble the most: clicking on the “One Way” option, realizing that you are really doing this, and then do it for real.

I admit it, when we first had this idea we didn’t buy our tickets right away. The feeling resounded so strongly within us: we knew it would be impossible to go back. We spent a couple of days fluctuating in a limbo of amazement and then one morning, finally ready, we bought our One Way ticket for our journey into the world.



Once the ticket was bought we jumped on our bed, filled with emotion. A special thank goes to Ed Sheeran: your song “Barcelona” (that is not a destination for now, but we like the song too much) has been the soundtrack of one of our grands moments de la vie (big moments of life).


Before this moment, we spent the days thinking and reasoning, especially regarding our starting point: where to land first; because even if you want to see the whole world, you have to start somewhere. We chose to land in the continent that mostly resonates within us, where we feel most at home. A sensation we want to keep alive, especially since we will not have a house anymore.


Once we chose the continent, then it was time to decide the location. Without any doubt, we would have loved to first land in one of the countries that attracts us the most, China. Or maybe in a place we already know, Vietnam, because we have long desired to go back. Or also Japan? Thailand? India?


Finally we decided to start from the geographically lowest point, Indonesia, and then climb up au fur et à mesure, defining our path day by day. We chose Bali for several reasons: first, obviously, the cost of life. Bali benefits from being one the most affordable cities and we could not ignore this matter, considering our small starting budget. The second reason we chose Bali is because we want to begin this journey from a place which is on the other side of the world from where we come from, Italy. This way we will find ourselves suddenly immersed in the atmosphere of the real adventure. The third reason is, as mentioned above, geographical: climbing up after starting from the lowest point.


[Anecdote time: the destination was also chosen by show of hands. Coming from a sportive family I have always been fond of cheering. One night we found ourselves around the table to plan the itinerary and I started screaming “BALI, BALI, BALI!”. Teo immediately joined the chorus shouting “BALI, BALI, BALI!” with me. It doesn’t matter of course that he was saying “aniMALI, aniMALI, aniMALI!” (the italian word for animals). Someday I will explain this to him. We were in two already voting for Bali. That night Team Bali easily won in front of a very perplexed Lietta and a daddy J still uncertain. Remember friends, safety in numbers! ;-)]


Departure is set for the morning of September 5th, from Milano Malpensa airport. We decided to take advantage of the transfer offered by our airline and to stop in Dubai for a few days to better get used to the jetlag. Compared to Italy, Bali is +6 hours while Dubai is only +2. Spending a few days in Dubai will allow us to be a bit less jetlagged. This will not only benefit the children, who perhaps are the ones who better adapt to jet lag, but mostly us. After all, it doesn’t matter where we are: we will be parents anywhere in the world and we have to be present and ready always, even when we are tired.


We will stay in Dubai until September 9th: the night of the Big Departure. We will take off at 1.25 AM. This is a strategic choice: so the kids can sleep and we will too, circumstances permitting. Around 14.30, after a flight 9 hours and 5 minutes long, we will land at Bali Denpasar airport, pick up our luggage, and we will finally cherish the beginning of the journey of our lives.


To this day, we don’t know how long we will stay on Bali yet. We will go where wind, meetups and projects will take us. But of one thing we are sure: there will be no stopping us during the first months and maybe for the first time we will spend Christmas wearing flip flops. Olé.