Disneyland Hong Kong. Where magic happens!

Star Ferry - Hong Kong: here we are! We’re waiting for the ferry to Mong Kok, on the other side of the Victoria Harbour. Daddy J is buying the tickets, Lia sits in the stroller next to him. Teo and I are walking when we’re suddenly stopped by a huge advertisement “Mom, noooo!”. “Hey, what’s up?” I ask. “Mom, noooo, Mickey Mouse!”. He stopped in front of an ad from Disneyland Hong Kong with his eyes wide open, his body leaning forward and his hands covering his mouth, amazed. He was born in Paris, but it’s the first time he sees such a poster understanding its meaning. Daddy J and I were waiting for this moment since we daydreamed about it in our Ho Chi Minh hotel’s room, when we chose Hong Kong as our next destination. We travel with kids, we also move for their own entertainment. “Teo, yes! We’re going! We bought the tickets already, we’ll be there in three days!”. Teo is paralysed from the joy, he doesn’t move his feet from the ground, he just turns his head towards me saying with his own new pitch “How did you say, mommy?!” “We have the tickets already, we’re going to meet Mickey Mouse and Minnie soon in Disneyland!”

“Ferry’s coming” says Daddy J with the tickets in his hands. Teo still didn’t move an inch. He follows us on the ferry so obediently (like never before), and he whispers once again “Mom, we’re going to meet Mickey Mouse?” “Yes, we’re going Teo, I promise”. Still he doesn’t believe, he’s overwhelmed and superhappy. He goes towards Lia, he hugs her and he says “Lia, Minnieeeee!”. Lia laughs.

Well yes, we’ve really been to Disneyland Hong Kong, where the magic is reality and you eat with sticks. Here is all the pictures from our adventure with Mickey and Minnie.

After 5 minutes we already have a hat with Mickey’s ears.

Disneyland Hong Kong is about 30 minutes away from Central Station, on the Hong Kong Island. We take a taxi that leaves us in front of our hotel. We’ll stay here for the night, in the Disney Explorers Lodge, our very favourite: the rooms are classified per continent and we really love this idea. Check in, luggage drop and straight to have some fun! No masks: the kids are in heaven and for us it’s also an incredible experience.

Lietta and her daddy, a long love story.

Ramen, gyoza and hamburger at the restaurant but he manages to find pasta and meatball everywhere.

7 main areas in the park: Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street. The main street is so charming: the music, the characters interacting with the kids and the shops. Teo and Lia are amazed already. And it’s just the beginning. We go straight to Fantasyland: Cinderella’s carousel (Lia doesn’t wanna get off, it looks like glue is holding her); Dumbo, where I found myself praying that the flying elephant doesn’t fly away, while Teo sits next to me and screams “Mom push! Mom higher!” (Lia again doesn’t wanna get off, glue strikes again); Winnie The Pooh carousel is so gentle and relaxing and Lia seems to have a little problem with an excess of glue, again.

Here she is: Lia and the Glue.

Magic houses of Main Street.

Renting a stroller is possible here: one of the best services ever.

In the afternoon the sun is hot, but nothing will stop us: we sit on the front line to admire the incredible parade. Huge floats pass by in front of us, the characters and the choreographies are amazing. The Lion King’s cart is coming and we’re turning toward Teo expecting him to be the most excited kid of all times but… nothing: he’s sleeping. He’s really sleeping in his stroller. Anyway, at least Lia is enjoying it and two ballerinas invite her to dance in the parade. A merry-go-round after she runs away in the parade. A man from security will bring her back: sir, good morning and nice to meet you. She is Lia.

Mommy and Daddy at Grizzly Gulch

In our favourite place: to infinity and beyond!

How to end a perfect day: Hamburgers and french fries for everyone!

Good morning from the Disney Explorers Lodge! Ready to start the day number 2: a quick shower, Mickey Mouse brioche and we’re ready!


First thing on the list: the Jungle River Cruise. On a boat along the river discovering the animals. It was so great we did it twice.

From two to four: magic happens!

In the Fairy Tales Forest, where flowers are higher than princesses and where you can meet the Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Aurora!

A girl wearing a suit stops us as soon as we arrive to the park “Hey guys! Where are you from?” we stop for a chat with her and 5 minutes after she invites us to open the afternoon parade. “Really? Us?” Only one family is chosen for this experience. We will jump on a beautiful vintage coach, carrying us around the whole parade. Our task is to say hello to the audience with our huge Mickey Mouse hands. We accept. Meeting in the afternoon in the headquarters, in the President room (called like this because he’s really been there once). Here presents and hats with our name are waiting for us. A memory for life!

Finally, we end this experience on a sweet sweet note: thanks to them a poster became a tattoo. Miljians with Woody and Buzz Light Year! We were so happy! We haven’t checked around for them but destiny wanted them to meet us and here they are. Such a great emotion for us: there couldn’t be a happier ending! Back to Hong Kong now: we’re so so so happy.

Thank you so much again Disneyland Hong Kong for this incredible experience together!