The essentials | Travel with kids

To travel with children is wonderful and definitely feasible, even when they’re very very young.

It’s gonna be challenging in terms of organization, but it’s possible as long as you have a little help.

We’ve been travelling a couple of months with our kids now (a two year old and a one year old), and we wrote down for you what we believe is needed and necessary to keep in mind during your trip. We hope this will make your journey easier, as it did for us.

Ready? Here are our tips and best friends when it comes to travelling with children!





It depends on where you’re going and what type of traveller you are but we believe that a good baby carrier is the best friend when it comes to travelling. A good poach must be comfortable, ergonomic and allow you to walk long distances without pain in your back. We tried several of them and our favourite is the Ergobaby Classic.

You can use it since your baby is a newborn until he’s 20kg and it allows three different positions (do you believe that it’s also possible to nurse while carrying the baby?). There’s a big pocket if you need to keep something on hand and a headrest that also protects from the sun. Also, it’s comfortable for both the carried and the carrier. For the column: happy parents, happy babies. ;-)



The stroller is a big dilemma, should we take it or not? Will we use it or not? Let’s start from the assumption that most likely you will use it, yes, doesn’t matter the destination or your lifestyle, unless your kids are old enough and they’re not using the stroller regularly. But what’s the best stroller to travel? This is a heated debate.

Some airlines consider the stroller as a hand baggage, some others allow you to leave the stroller at the door and fetch it when you land.

A stroller must be reliable, strong and stable.

We tried many of them and we always happened to choose the best one.

Even if we would’ve loved to have our Donkey with us, the Bugaboo Bee has been an incredible friend. He never let us down, really, never. Super comfortable for the kids, strong and resistant. It’s the ideal solution not only for travelling but to go anywhere in the world and anyhow.

Our kids take turns and Teo is often standing on the platform, he loves it like crazy and it allows him to be much more free.



Are you worried for how your kids will react to a long long flight? Perhaps during the night? We found a brilliant product that will allow them to travel super comfortably. Jet Kids didn’t win the prize for the best idea of the year randomly. We are talking about a suitcase that becomes a little bed to place on the seat (Teo calls it “the car”, because he also uses it to “drive” ;-)). It’s very simple, probably easier said than done. It also includes a little mattress, like an actual bed. And also, when you fold it, you can use it as a suitcase to transport clothing and toys. Brilliant!





Not all the properties can provide baby cribs. In hotels this is even more rare than in apartments, and if you want to travel without being locked to all these special child friendly requests it might be a good idea to bring a crib with you. Why not, you will also take it with you on the beach and keep the littles safe and comfortable.

Our choice? Easy to use and super light: it’s Light by Baby Bjorn travel crib.

Price is a bit higher that the others, and we usually tend to be very careful with our expenses but it’s so light and so easy to fold and unfold, so solid and comfortable for the littles that we could not resist, and we definitely don’t regret it. Best choice ever.



Not always hotels can offer sheets and little blankets for the baby cribs, actually it’s pretty rare to find some. For this reason we carry with us some blankets for the kids and we don’t only use them during the night, but also to go to the sea, because they’re super easy to wash and very very cozy.

Our favourites are Little Unicorn, and we also appreciate Aden & Anais a lot. The bigger size they offer is so interesting!

We always carry them with us in our bags to serve many uses, also as a protection from the air conditioning while we fly!




Every cuisine around the world has something to offer to the littles, just make sure you read something about it. For instance, if you travel to Asian South Est while on the weaning phase, you will not find flours and baby food, because here babies are weaned on rice. If you feel like adapting to the local use and start your kids to the local cuisine heritage, good for you! You will not be disappointed. Otherwise, consider bringing from home what you need for your stay.



Nine times out of ten you won’t find a high chair in restaurants and you end up with your kids sitting on your legs.

Carrying a high chair from home is usually not an option, but we found the Chair made by Mini Monkey that is practical, super light, washable and resistant and saves us every day. You can apply it to any type of chair and use it for children from age 6 months. One of the coolest products.



Are you looking for an amazing travel kit for your kids?

This is our favourite:

  • an ergonomic spoon and lo and behold, a bib clip that turns every tissue in a bib! I don’t know about you but I already saved hours and hours washing away the spots from the kids’ clothes. Here the link for the full pack on
  • Another product, very useful to keep the kids busy at the table a little longer is the dinner kit Place Matix.




We really appreciate this idea for the beach: the sack by Play and Go, available in several patterns, it’s very useful to make sure the toys won’t get lost in the sand or while you’re travelling. Just put in on the sand, on the ground or everywhere. The kids will play freely and then pull the ropes of the bag to make sure everything is in its place again. We always used it at home too, it used to save us from hours spent cleaning up all the mess. ;-)



Can a mom carry a travel bag that contains the whole world in organized compartments and be fashionable at the same time? Oh yes, she can. My travel bag is a Josefina Bag. I chose a backpack, to be even more comfortable. It’s super practical. I strongly suggest to check it out.



You saw it often and there’s a reason why: it’s Fjällräven. Waterproof, two pockets on the sides and one in the front. It’s available in many colors, it’s amazing.

Teo’s and Lia’s backpacks? They are made in Indonesia and designed in France ;-), it’s Bakker. Available on Baby Bottega. :-)



Our favourite are Izipizi. 100% UV protection and removable elastic cord. Available on Baby Bottega. :-)



Ok, it’s obvious. Health is the priority. Before leaving, make sure you’re covered by a good health insurance, especially if you’re travelling to a destination far from home.

A great ally will be a first aid kit and we strongly suggest this one: Baby Aid.



You want to make sure that your devices are reliable and charged every where you go? You might need an adapter, don’t overlook this matter. We suggest to purchase a universal adapter if you’re travelling, this is ours: Travel Adapter Universal (US / EU / UK / AUS), with 4 USB ports, usable in more than 150 Countries.



  • Our best advice when you’re travelling with kids it to travel as light as possible and just enjoy your holiday! The kids will be fine :)
  • Just bring the essentials: a few toys, those that need little room; a few diapers, you’ll find more on the spot; a few clothes, laundry services are anywhere.
  • Consider the option of renting some products such as cribs and strollers, try to find information according to your destination, such as local or online services. Sometimes you don’t think about this option, but it can save your holiday.
  • Keep in mind that children are all over the world and thus you’ll find all the necessary anywhere you’re heading.