Week 11 | Bangkok

Bangkok is pure poetry. The smoke from the pots balancing on the stoves on the sidewalks, the tallest buildings shadowing on the wide boulevards where cars, scooters and tuc tucs are the main character. Bangkok is a huge city that still makes you feel safe thanks to an atmosphere that brings you straight to the core of its heritage.

We wrote down so many memories on our travel journal during this week spent in Bangkok: the view from our room at the Oriental Residence (a real dream), the day spent in Chinatown (the whole visual experience left us speechless), street advertising, indications, stands and shops selling the unconceivable, food, souvenirs, jewels, calendars, the noise that sometimes melts with music, the cars, the incredible traffic jam, the horns. And then the temples, beautiful, incredible temples! The colors of Wat Arun temple, the majestic Wat Pho.The unforgettable weekend market in Chatuchak (we read that all that is imaginable to sell in Bangkok can be found at the Chatuchak. Well, that’s entirely true).

In Bangkok we purchased Teo and Lia’s first Thai Boxing shorts, like their papa’s ones (souvenir of a trip in Thailand when he was only 14 years old). Oh… and I can’t help but mentioning that we finally ate a “real” pizza (authentic italian recipe) in a very well known italian restaurant after more than 2 months and half. It took a while to get there (two taxi also cancelled the trip while we were waiting), but we did not give up and our obstinacy allowed us to live one of the best moments in Bangkok.

We also got lost at a certain point and we found ourselves in the market of flowers at the very right moment (when the stands are opening and the sellers are preparing bags with flower buds. We were the only ones around and it was amazing. We took the wrong exit and we find ourselves lost (again) in a dark small street at the back of the shops, surrounded by the air conditioning vents hanging from the walls and the clothes drying in the wind: pure magic.

And that time we were blocked in the traffic jam and Torn by Natalie Imbruglia started playing in the taxi while we were heading back to our hotel after a long day. Thank you Natalie: you don’t know it, but we spent a great moment together. Strolling around in our swan-rickshaw on the river at Lumphini Park: so much fun and so much poetry.

We’ve been dreaming about Thailand for years. Every now and then I thought of Bangkok in a distressing way, associating it to a Gotham City of the real world with its elevated tube system and a fast, hectic lifestyle. Instead, Bangkok revealed itself as a pearl, offering heavenly gardens here and there where to find some peace and where to take boat trips on the river looking up to the stunning temples. You can’t say you visited Thailand if you haven’t been in Bangkok. Thailand has been for a long time on our wishlist and we’re proud we could finally visit this country and spend 30 super intense days to the fullest. Kop Khun Khra Thailand.

See you soon!

With a Lot of Love! - #miljiansgotothailand

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She's always laughing!

Teo show us how strong you are! ahaha


The colors of this cloud enchanted me, believe me: Bangkok's sunset is something you don't want to miss.

Welcome to crazy Chinatown!

Bugaboo, our loyal travel companion


Now you know why this is the place where we started listening to Christmas songs

This picture always makes me smile: look at that belly button! and those curls?

 Brushing your teeth non stop is an art, isn't it?

I adore this picture. The light is cold, it looks like one of those old polaroid left in a drawer for too long. Vintage atmosphere. I shot it without thinking too much, I didn't even have the time to focus. And for this reason I love it even more.Someday I will print it. 

Being all focused on pasta al pomodoro.

Wat Arun. When the sun goes down.

Two different perspectives on being zen.

Julien and I had the same feeling looking at this picture. We should take more pictures of this kind. Teo Miljian, almost 3 years old. This is really him.

Flower market at night. 

It was super cool!