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Nice to meet you and welcome to our world!

We are the Miljian Family: Julien, Miki, Teo and Lia and we are full time travellers. This space is the diary of our adventures around the world!

On a hot summer night in beautiful Florence, we found ourselves sitting on the ground under our kitchen window when we decided it was the moment to realize one of our greatest dreams. We switched on the music, laid down on the bed and gazed upon our big friend: an immense map of the world hanging on the wall right above our heads. There and then we bought a one way ticket to the other side of the world.

Since September 2017 we left our comfort zone and habits behind, we sold our house and started calling the world our home!

The Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Bali, Java Island, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, from the sea to the highest point of Bangkok and Chiang Mai temples. Then Vietnam: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh, Mekong Delta and Hong Kong. Then back to Europe for a short break in Paris, our Ville Lumière, Italy, Portugal and Germany. We’re just about to leave once again for a new incredible adventure, stay tuned!

We are full time travel journalists. Daddy J is the eye behind the camera, Mommy Miki turns the experience into words, Teo is the great artist and Lia the entertainer. This space is our travel journal but you can also find our daily adventures on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The goal of this space is to encourage families to travel with their children and to show that not only it’s possible, but it can be an amazing adventure, especially when shared with your little ones!

The world is our home and all we need is being together.

Like Miljian was founded two years ago while we were moving from Paris to Florence as the diary of a french-italian family and their florentine life. Now it’s the diary of a french-italian family and their life around the world!

 And now a little bit more about each of us:



Born under the sign of Pisces, his long beard is mostly needed to hide the tears he sheds while watching cartoons. Entrepreneur with an excellent aestethic taste, lover of good cuisine and anything that is beautiful (and tasty). He is the "babbo ballerino" (dancing daddy). 


Fan of Michael Jordan and vietnamese bo bun, enthusiastic hats collector, loves to write and is a born storyteller. As a child she used to wait for the sun to set so she could see her dancing steps reflecting on the window panes from within her room. Vintage soul, summer is her season and the sun is her best friend. 



Curly blonde, reaching the height of one meter. He decided to arrive during the Oscar’s ceremony. Knows the names of all the animals in the world by heart. Loves meatballs and pasta with tuna. Often busy with hiding stuff into heaters. Great observator, no detail gets past him. He is the Lion of the family. 


If a strawberry macaron could spring into life, rest assured it would look like her. She knows any strategy in the book when it comes to being held and cuddled and with her never-ending smile she could melt anyone’s heart. Sweet and tenacious, she is the warrior princess carrying the sweet scent of cream puffs.


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